About Trauma

What causes Trauma?

Trauma, especially PTSD and it's even more intricate cousin C-PTSD or Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  C-PTSD seems to appear frequently in people who’ve been abused, neglected or abandoned by those who were supposed to be their caretakers.  Prolonged exposure to consistent stressors not only wreaks havoc on the victimized ones psyche, but  both opposing sides of their central nervous system leaving them in a constant "adrenalized" state of being. Trauma is not just abuse related.  Trauma In 2019 most people are well acquainted with the stressors of life.  Add in the complexities of having a relationship, while juggling a family and finances can exacerbate any "internal" or "personal" issue that may be latent in you.  Our modern world rejects the importance of a well adjusted person. Feeling like a worker bee in the cog can mar our wonder for the world which is traumatizing to our own humanity.  We must SEIZE our self worth, hone our focus and heal