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Meet Paul Christino 

When the light is the dimmest in our lives, I've discovered that helping others salvage the light in themselves fortifies the appreciation for myself. Over the decades, I've explored countless modalities of healing, some esoteric in nature (astrology, meditation), some practical (nutrition, exercise). All of these assist in the exploration of our depths, as we dig deeper towards solutions for  questions that can't be answered, possibly towards the answer to why you (we) suffer.  Yet with all this knowledge that comes as a byproduct of our personal journey, unless the trauma is healed, the knowledge is empty. Fortunately, if there is an inkling of hope, a droplet of energy left inside you, FULL recovery is possible if the proper support, guidance and care is available during the process. One needs clarity, care and consistency and most importantly, someone who has walked the walk to walk shoulder to shoulder with them as they heal. 

Thanks for the opportunity to help you through, I promise to give you my best.

-Paul Christino



"I was abused by my father from the age of five.  I was diagnosed as bi-polar and was run ragged through the mental health system.  Everything was addressed but the trauma.  I felt like no one knew how to "deal" with me.  I met Paul in Jiu-Jitsu class in 2006.  I would often search for people online from my past. When I found out that Paul had become a trauma recovery coach, I reconnected with him.  Paul is all heart. He naturally extends himself more than anyone I've met.  Our sessions have been invaluable. I've told Paul my most horrifying experiences and he never flinched and has helped me become a whole human being again." 

-Scott T.

"I'm not going to speak about my life in depth in this testimonial.  I tend to keep my experiences locked inside me.  Decades of bottling my trauma made my life unbearable.  I know Paul's wife and she introduced me to him.  We started doing weekly sessions.  Having a person there who has experienced life and knows when to push and when to pull is so important during the healing process.  I'm truly lucky to have met him."


-Perry R.

"[He] has a keen understanding of how a traumatized mind works."

-Isaiah Q.

"I was in an accident several years ago that changed my life completely. It was as if my life was a mirror and it shattered in a single moment.  I couldn't wrap my head around the long road to recovery.  Apparently, as a young man, Paul has sustained multiple life changing injuries that he battled back from. He gave me insight on how to embark on my journey back to my healthy self!"

-Emma T.

"Paul makes you feel like you're sitting with your best friend who's "all ears" and has a heart the size of Buick."

If you don't know where to start, start here.